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Hi everyone! 

So, I just wanted to share with you the amazing things my school is doing/has done.
This coming March will mark the 10th anniversary of our bike-a-thon at Bellerose Composite High School in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. 

Bike-a-thon is 75+ groups of 10 or more students biking on exercise bikes for 48 hours straight for the purpose of raising money for the charities Alberta Cancer Foundation and Kids with Cancer.

In the past 9 years doing this, we have raised over $700,000 for cancer research and equipment. Last year alone, we raised over $150,000. Our goal for this year is to reach that 1 Million Dollar mark. 

This being our 10th year, we want to make it big. Important. Even more impactful than all of our other years combined. To do this, we want to get the attention of someone who will make this special for us and everyone our money raised helps.

Ellen Degeneres.

This seems like a big task, but in the past 2 days alone we’ve reached 2000+ tweets with the hashtag #ellenforbikeathon and we’ve captured the attention of numerous radio stations, tv hosts, and even The Ellen Show’s executive producer, Andy Lassner!  

Please, help us reach this goal! It’s not impossible. If the last 9 years has shown our school anything, it’s that nothing, nothing, is impossible. 

I know that the majority of people who see this don’t go to Bellerose, live in St. Albert, or have even been to Canada, but please help us by reblogging this post!

Also, make sure you tweet @TheEllenShow with the hashtag #EllenForBikeathon !!!

If we can get a tumblr user a fluffy chicken, then we can help save the lives of thousands of people with Cancer.

If you wish to donate -which I strongly suggest/hope/beg you to do- you can do so at the following website!

You can vote to the general cause here and here

Or, you can donate to my team here (Note that my team is Pokemon themed!)

Please help us, Tumblr! It would honestly mean the world :)

 -Bellerose Bike-a-thon, a decade of dedication.